Check out ash’s strong shoulders and hourglass figure


Been doodling Spinosaurus again after the new findings came out.  Also since every goddamn article and video about Spinosaurus has to compare it to T. rex, have a comparison between my rex and spino.  The legs are a bit bigger than NatGeo’s version after what Scott Hartman came out with.  Also thought it would be neat if the sail sort of mimicked the look of river debris and dead branches so it could camouflage itself as such when trundling along through the water.


dogmons. dogmons.

Apparently this is going to be a Brazillian digimon knock-off cartoon where the son of Dr. Lotsalies goes to dog planet to prove dogs are from space or something??

Is timer-related DS glitching for anyone else? This is really weird??



Stargleamer Prototype Custom

she was a commission by a fellow collector. I made her out of a Brush ‘n Grow Bouquet. And yes, she works. ;)

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Spirit superstore artifacts